Kim Il Sung’s Children (2020)

Original Music composed by Jihwoan Ahn
Documentary Produced by Deog Young Kim

From 1950 to 1953 – one hundred thousand children were orphaned by the Korean War.
With no resources to amend the wounds, the two sides, North and South, took different paths to find homes and families for the war orphans.

While the children of South Korea were sent to Europe and the United States through ‘International Adoption’,
the children of North Korea were distributed across Eastern Europe through a method called ‘Commissioned Education’.

As a result, more than five thousand children from the North had to spend nearly a decade living in foreign lands across Eastern Europe.

This story is a record of their lives which used to be kept hidden from the rest of the world.


Polish International Film Festival (Oct. 2019)
Nice International Film Festival (May. 2020)
Pyongchang International Peace Film Festival, by an official invitation (June. 2020)
International New York Film Festival (coming soon)