Neanderthal Apocalypse

Original Music composed by Jihwoan Ahn
Documentary Produced by Story House Productions and C-Tales Entertainment in association with ZDF Enterprises, History® and History TV

For thousands of years, Neanderthals roamed the earth: but in a flash, they disappeared from history. The Neanderthal extinction is one of history’s most baffling mysteries. But new information might solve this enduring riddle; scientists believe the Neanderthal was wiped out when a super volcano erupted 39,000 years ago. A team of scientists investigates this volcanic annihilation theory. And if a super volcano spelled the end for Neanderthals, could a future eruption drive humans to extinction?

Air Schedule:

Canada – Aug.23rd 8:00PM  |  Aug.24th 12:30AM , 7:00 PM

Italy – Jul. 26th 10:00 PM | Aug. 30th 5:00 PM | Oct. 1st 7:50 PM | Oct. 19th 8:00 PM

USA – Sep. 19th 6:00 PM

Eastern Europe (Viasat History) – Nov. 16th , Nov. 20th, Nov. 21st, Nov. 23rd

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